Wedding on the ship

wedding on the ship

The Cruise company specializes in organizing and holding turnkey events and water trip in St. Petersburg. Taking into account the fact that a wedding is not only an important and responsible, but also a unique moment, we approach the organization of such a celebration with special care.

Prices for renting a motor ship

Conditions for renting a motor ship - the minimum period is 2 hours

During the prom (from 10.06 to 30.06), special fares apply for night trips

High season(May 1 - Aug 31)**

ShipsCapacityDay (Sun-Thu)Day (Fri-Sat)Night* (Sun-Thu)Night* (Fri-Sat)
Onega up to 40 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour 10500 ₽/hour 11500 ₽/hour
Tigoda up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Vishera up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Baltika up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Fontanka up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour
Fontanka-1 up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour
Pechora up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour

* Night (23:00 - 8:00)

Low season(1 Sep - 15 Nov)

Onega up to 40 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Tigoda up to 50 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Vishera up to 50 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Baltika up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Fontanka up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Fontanka-1 up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Pechora up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour

* Night (23:00 - 8:00)


Only the professional organization of such an event allows us to assert that the wedding on the ship:

  • will receive the original performance;
  • it will be filled with unforgettable impressions;
  • the celebration will be remembered for bright and original moments;
  • the event will take place against the backdrop of "live" landscapes and will delight customers, newlyweds and guests with spectacular photographs.

It is quite obvious that even the best restaurant cannot be compared with holding celebrations on a ship, since the beauty of architecture and natural landscapes cannot be compared with the most exquisite interiors. A walk along the Neva River and its canals will give you a lot of impressions and magnificent panoramic views of the Northern capital, which is simply impossible to achieve indoors.

Wedding on the ship "turnkey"

Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our managers and organizers, the process of choosing a ship for a wedding becomes a simple and enjoyable activity. We also take care of all the questions about the organization of the wedding on the ship. To order a package of services, it is enough to contact our staff by phone or fill out a simple feedback form.

The company's managers will provide all the necessary information, as well as help to make the best choice taking into account the characteristics, individual requirements, preferences and wishes of the customer. You can pre-familiarize yourself with customer reviews of our work, separately study the reviews of the wedding on the ship directly on the website, view reports on the events held in our catalog, etc.

Ships for weddings: features of the choice

The company's website presents a selection of motor ships from the owner, however, among the available solutions, it is recommended to focus on those that are best suited for weddings and field registrations.

The successful selection of a vessel in combination with the possibility of renting a boat for a turnkey wedding allows you to turn a rather troublesome and responsible event into an easy and unforgettable holiday.

Ordering a boat for a wedding is simplified as much as possible. A comprehensive service from the company "Cruise" involves the following stages:

  • ship selection and booking;
  • solving all issues of catering on board;
  • separate scenario development, preparation of an entertainment program;
  • decoration and decoration of the ship;
  • banquet service;
  • the possibility of making changes to the format of the event (for example, the "banquet + buffet" format);
  • professional photo shoot.

Tips for organizing a celebration

  • First of all, there are always affordable motor ships in our catalog at an affordable price, that is, you can rent a motor ship for a wedding inexpensively;
  • If you limit the total number of guests and narrow down the circle to the closest and dearest, it will also allow you to save significantly;
  • As practice shows, the correct choice of route when renting a boat for a wedding lasting 4-6 hours clearly demonstrates that this time is often enough;
  • If you book a ship in advance, you can get discounts on such advance booking;
  • A high-quality buffet instead of a banquet is also an excellent opportunity to reduce costs;
  • Extra expenses can be avoided if the vessel is not transported, that is, the shipment will take place from the berth where the ship is moored;
  • In fact, it is not always obvious, but the right way to significantly reduce the cost item is the decision to order a turnkey wedding organization.

As you can see, the organization of events on the ship needs to be approached flexibly. Although at the initial stage it is difficult to quickly determine and specify specific amounts. Some features of the event make it possible to hold a wedding on a motor ship in St. Petersburg inexpensively if the budget is limited.

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