Draw bridges on the ship

A trip along the Neva, especially at night, is very romantic and unusual. The shimmering of the water surface under the light of the moon, the lights of a burning city - all this is simply fascinating.

A boat tour is a great opportunity to see one of the main attractions of St. Petersburg - the raising of the bridges.

Prices for day and night excursions

Navigation 2023

Day tour "Northern Venice"

5 rivers and channels + 30 bridges

TicketPrice per person
Adult 1200 ₽
Student 1000 ₽
Pensioner 800 ₽
Pupils 800 ₽
Preschooler 400 ₽

Night tour "Drawbridges"

Palace, Trinity, Foundry*, Blagoveshchenskiy*

TicketPrice per person
Adult 1500 ₽
Student 1300 ₽
Pensioner 1300 ₽
Pupils 1300 ₽
Preschooler 1000 ₽


The trip is accompanied by an excursion in Russian. It is better to buy tickets in advance.

ночные прогулки на теплоходе на развод мостов в СПбDraw bridges in St. Petersburg is a truly amazing and unique spectacle that will not leave anyone indifferent! For this reason, guests of the Northern capital do not miss the opportunity to take an exciting trip under the drawbridges on a ship.

A boat trip through the night city is a visiting card of the northern capital and it is very popular among tourists and guests of the city.

The Cruise shipping company specializes in conducting water excursions and walks along the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. We offer affordable options for walking on river trams, and also provide customers with the opportunity to choose a trip on bridges raising themselves, taking into account personal preferences and wishes.

A night trip along the Neva River under drawbridges will bring unforgettable impressions and is great for children, students and youth, as well as middle-aged and older people. We offer you to introduce yourself with certain features and nuances that should be taken into account when buying a ticket.

Features of walking on the bridges opening

Pleasure and sightseeing vessels are subject to strict traffic rules, especially at night. It is important that the shipping company clearly indicates:

  • the exact time of departure of the ship and the berth from which the ship departs;
  • the time of arrival of the pleasure boat and the berth of arrival;
  • the total number of bridges that can be viewed during the trip;
  • the choice of the ship's class on which the walk will be made (we will talk about this below).

The fact is that drawbridges in St. Petersburg are raising in order to allow caravans of heavy-cargo vessels of the river-sea class to pass, and not a pleasure boat or a river tram.

Overview of draw bridges from the ship

The class of a pleasure boat directly affects how many drawbridges can be seen from the side.

Do ships pass directly under drawbridges?

By the way, when buying a ticket for the bridges, it is also important to understand that the passage of ships is strictly prohibited under the separated spans!

The vessel passes only under the drawbridges

Both motor ships and river trams must necessarily be at a certain distance from the drawbridge spans. If the crew make an attempt to pass under the draw bridge spans, the team is at great risk of losing diplomas and work permits. Another possible option is that there is simply no permission to operate the vessel.


When planning a trip, it should be taken into account that the captain can change the route of the vessel as part of a night excursion, taking into account the weather, the situation on the water, adjusted for the routes of other ships, etc. Also, the captain independently chooses the place of stopping when lifting bridges, since it is necessary to separately take into account the safety requirements for the water trips.

Also, on May 1, May 9 and June 12 (public holidays of the Russian Federation), bridges are not being built! At the same time, night water trips are carried out in the normal mode and regardless of the drawing bridges. To get up-to-date information about the drawbridges on a specific date, you can go to the Mostotrest website.

Rent a boat for raising of the bridges

If you prefer an individual tour or a vacation with your loved ones, we recommend renting a boat with a driver.
Water trips are available both at night and during the day.

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