Banquet and buffet on the ship

A buffet or banquet on a motor ship is a great opportunity to hold an event or celebration not only in an original way, but also with taste. Our company specializes in professional service of weddings, anniversaries, corporate and other events.

Customers will appreciate the high-class work of catering:

  • the customer can make individual wishes and preferences in the menu;
  • the possibility of individual selection of options for setting tables, colors, dishes, serving, etc. is provided

The company's managers are responsible for each stage in the process of preparing and holding the event: menu selection, design of the ship, preparation of the entertainment program, invitation of the host, artists, photographers, DJ and musical accompaniment.

Prices for a motor ship rental

Conditions for a ship rental - the minimum period is 2 hours

During the prom (from 10.06 to 30.06), special fares apply for night trips

High season(May 1 - Aug 31)**

ShipsCapacityDay (Sun-Thu)Day (Fri-Sat)Night* (Sun-Thu)Night* (Fri-Sat)
Onega up to 40 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour 10500 ₽/hour 11500 ₽/hour
Tigoda up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Vishera up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Baltika up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Fontanka up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour
Fontanka-1 up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour
Pechora up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour

* Night (23:00 - 8:00)

Low season(1 Sep - 15 Nov)

Onega up to 40 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Tigoda up to 50 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Vishera up to 50 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Baltika up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Fontanka up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Fontanka-1 up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Pechora up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour

* Night (23:00 - 8:00)


Differences between a banquet and a buffet

During the banquet, it is common that guests sit (unlike a buffet). This means that each of those present needs a chair, as well as free space.

For this reason, the ship, provided that a banquet is organized, is able to accommodate a smaller number of guests compared to a buffet and other events.

If desired, it is also possible to organize fireworks. The buffet service within the framework of the turnkey event organization service is carried out by our banquet service, which is a guarantee of high quality, professional approach and increased attention not only to the main details, but also to the little things.

Event options in the «banquet + buffet» format

We are happy to offer our clients several available options for the implementation of events of this type. In fact, these solutions are most in demand and popular, and our specialists also have extensive experience in holding such events on our ships.

  • The first option involves holding a banquet/buffet on a ship with an open deck, provided the weather is good. At the same time, the banquet table is served in the banquet hall, while the buffet table, which contains light snacks, salads and an aperitif, is located on the open deck. After arrival, the guests first go to the buffet table, only after which they receive an invitation to go further to the banquet hall.
  • The second option of combining a buffet and a banquet on a ship is similar to the first, but a distinctive feature is that the buffet table on the open deck is covered exclusively with desserts. At the same time, guests are invited to go to the table after the banquet.
  • The third option assumes that the buffet is held on a motor ship, and the green parking lot becomes the venue for the banquet. This option successfully combines a boat trip with a subsequent rest in nature, as a result of which the event turns out to be intense, contrasting and fascinating.

When ordering this service, it is important to understand that renting a motor ship with a buffet and all kinds of events of a different format have a number of distinctive features that must be taken into account when organizing. In order for the event to turn out to be really high-class, its organization should be handled exclusively by professionals.