Birthday on the ship

Often you want to spend such a joyful event as a birthday in an unusual way. At the same time, this holiday is always associated with a warm and cozy atmosphere surrounded by relatives and close friends. The Cruise company provides an excellent opportunity for adults and children to celebrate their birthday on the ship.

Conditions for ship rental - the minimum period is 2 hours

During the prom (from 10.06 to 30.06), special fares apply for night trips

High season(May 1 - Aug 31)**

ShipsCapacityDay (Sun-Thu)Day (Fri-Sat)Night* (Sun-Thu)Night* (Fri-Sat)
Onega up to 40 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour 10500 ₽/hour 11500 ₽/hour
Tigoda up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Vishera up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Baltika up to 50 10000 ₽/hour 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 12500 ₽/hour
Fontanka up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour
Fontanka-1 up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour
Pechora up to 50 11000 ₽/hour 12000 ₽/hour 13000 ₽/hour 15000 ₽/hour

* Night (23:00 - 8:00)

Low season(1 Sep - 15 Nov)

Onega up to 40 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Tigoda up to 50 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Vishera up to 50 8000 ₽/hour 9000 ₽/hour
Baltika up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Fontanka up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Fontanka-1 up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour
Pechora up to 50 9000 ₽/hour 10000 ₽/hour

* Night (23:00 - 8:00)


Our company specializes in organizing and holding various events. We work 24/7 and offer an expanded package of professional services, thanks to which a birthday on the ship will become a truly bright and memorable event. In order to rent a boat for a birthday, it is enough to contact our managers at the specified phone numbers at any time convenient for you or fill out the feedback form directly on the website.

Ship rental for a birthday

The Cruise company is able to organize a real holiday for the birthday boy and guests. Our employees are highly qualified professionals with extensive work experience, and we also take into account all the wishes and preferences of the customer separately. All this makes us recognized leaders in the market of such services with virtually unlimited possibilities.

Accessibility and creativity, as well as flexibility, responsibility and high professionalism allow us to organize a birthday party on the ship to the highest standards. First of all, we have formed favorable offers for adult birthday boys:

  • the opportunity to organize a festive feast, which is combined with a trip (the format of a banquet or buffet, which then turns into a picnic in nature);
  • entertainment shows featuring guest artists and creative teams of various levels (up to the most famous celebrities);
  • a memorable and unusual environment created by professional decorators using a number of unique techniques, methods and opportunities;
  • the celebration on the ship, unlike the usual restaurants, allows you to enjoy the magnificent scenery and architecture and relax from the active life in the big city;
  • the pyrotechnics team is happy to organize a bright fireworks display, form burning inscriptions and all kinds of compositions, thereby making the festive evening dynamic, intense and contrasting.

Address on Yandex.Maps

Address: 39 Moika River Embankment (berth №1)